UpChomp Update!

UpChomp has been updated to version 1.02. It adds no new content but sets the stage to make adding new map packs a bit easier in the future. Version 1.02 adds support for stand alone map files, these are map files compressed inside a ZIP file. Future map pack releases will now most likely be released separate of game updates.

UpChomp New Map

Loading a UCM file should produce this message at game launch.

There is a now a Windows UpChomp installer available to make playing UpChomp on Windows quite simple! The installer also associates UCM files with UpChomp so playing a new map is as easy as double clicking. Now is the best time to try UpChomp! Feedback is very helpful, we really hope to get this game’s quality up to snuff!

A Linux binary has yet to be compiled but that should come in the new few days.

Download it on the UpChomp page!

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