Nathan Ogden (Chompy)

Founder / Lead Developer

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Nathan has always had a passion for computers. His first computer experience was at age five on his Apple IIe. He grew up tinkering on the family computer (and breaking several of them in the process). Over the years Nathan learned how to design graphics, code websites, and make video games.

Nathan attended Tallahasse Community College where he obtained an Associate of Science degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia Technology. (He’s also currently working on a Video Game Development degree as well.) He learned a lot at TCC and his experiences there helped influence and improve his career choices and work skills.

Nathan’s has a wide range of computer skills that have developed over the years. His interest and desire to make video games have really forced that skill set to expand. Some of his more technical skills include… HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP coding, Python coding, 3D modeling with Blender, assembling and repairing computer hardware, and setting up Linux servers.

Anthony De Medeiros (Renoki)

3D Modeler & Animator

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A 3D modeler and animator whom is part of the DreamSphere team. He teamed up with Chompy Creations in hopes of fine tuning his modeling talent. Check out his work and see what he’s into on his blog at!