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A Social Chomp

Some assorted bloggy stuff…

Chompy Creations finally got a twitter account. Yeah! I also bought the domains chomp.co and nso.me to use for URL shortening stuff… chomp.co…maybe someone will buy that off me for 1 million dollars…yeah right…I can dream! So at the top of every post there will now be a shortened URL for use with your tweets… cause Chompy Creations stuff is totally the happening thing to tweet about! Mainly though, I’m stickler for tiny URLs… people rarely seem to be able to even remember something like chompycreations.com, but how about chomp.co?!

The links to the Chompy Creations Facebook page and Twitter account are at the top right of every page. If I might ask a favor… like the Chompy Creations Facebook page!

UpChomp, being the open source project that it is, and developed using Git version control is now on GitHub! It’s an even easier way for folks to quickly check out my awesome/horrible programming skills!

DreamSphere’s website and Chompy Creations page has been updated with the latest version of the game. We’re calling it ‘rendition #3′ as it’s gone through essentially three notable different versions. Check it out here!

The Service’s page makes a return! We’re teaming up with designer Chad White to give our customer’s more professional looking website designs! All our WordPress packages are hosted on our very own ChompServ with the backend pages secured behind SSL! Feel safe knowing your password and content are secure!

Slight Renovation

This site has just undergone some slight renovation. The Portfolio page is now divided into categories. This was so I could add a section for websites I’ve only coded. Most of the time a 3rd party does the graphic design for a website and I merely do the coding… however that leaves me without much to show in my portfolio. So I wanted to have a way to show off these ‘coded’ sites without leading people to believe I also did the graphics.

A week or two ago I posted about getting all my servers IPV6 ready. I am happy to say that almost all my websites and the sites that I host are accessible over IPV6 now. As I said before this doesn’t really mean anything to anyone at the moment… but it’s always good to be ready for something that everyone will inevitably have to have.

Finally DreamSphere’s website has been updated with some new information about the game in it’s current state. Check it out here… dreamspheregame.com.

Web Stuff

I’ve been getting down and techy tuning up my web servers. Chompycreations.com can now be accessed at https://www.chompycreations.com (HTTPS means on a secure connection) for those who like a little extra security… which really doesn’t matter, it benefits me however because I know longer have to send my password in plain text! So web security is something I’ve been researching and learning how to do a lot lately.

Another thing I’ve been keeping my eye on is IPV6, eventually everyone will have to use it and I would like to try and get all my servers compatible. Currently my home server at chompy.co appears to support IPV6 connections. My production servers which are hosted on Amazon EC2 don’t appear to have full support yet, hopefully Amazon will get on that soon.

So if you are the least bit impressed by the above and need your website hosted I can do that, see hosting.chompy.co for the details. Keep in mind my hosting is for people who don’t want to do it themselves, if you want to setup everything and essentially have complete control then you should consider a service like 1&1 Hosting.

Introducing the Chomp Management System!

Chomp Management System

I’ve been working on something very cool for the past few weeks. I’ve always wanted to make my own CMS and I finally have! I started this project because the folks at my place of work wanted a small and simple CMS to allow the owner of a website to make a few simple edits. I think they might have gotten a little more then they bargained for here. This CMS is quite powerful!

The ideology behind the ChompMS is simple… Allow clients to modify their web pages with almost no risk of altering the design and layout of the page. When you hover over a editable tag it gives you the option to make changes to it in a few different ways. All editable tags are essentially various plugins that define what types of tag they are. Right now it has a plaintext, html, image, links, markdown, list, and shop plugin.

So a quick breakdown of each plugin…

  • Plaintext: Simple, just accepts plain text, no HTML tags, used for altering things like header tags.
  • HTML: Allows the use of HTML tags and uses the TinyMCE Wyiswyg.
  • Image: Displays a single image. You can change it by uploading a new one at any time.
  • Links: Makes an unordered list of links with nesting options. Ideal for navigation.
  • Markdown: A plain-text syntax that allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to structurally valid XHTML (or HTML). …Read More.
  • List: Allows you make a list of post, can be used a a mini blog, tracks when and who posts to it.
  • Shop: A more advanced plugin, setups a Paypal shop on your website. Allows you to add items and coupon codes. You can view the order history right from this plugin.

Some features that the ChompMS current has…

  • Multiple user logins and support for SSL.
  • Tags get locked if one person is already editing the specific tag, so no fear of overwriting someone else’s work!
  • Quickly and easily modify the title and keywords for all your pages.
  • Optionally HTML Tidy and APC(Alternative PHP Cache) support. Allows you to optimize what gets outputted while keeping load times super speedy!
  • Easy to template, easy to add editable tags! Just make a “cms” tag with an unique ID and a a type that corresponds to the plugin you wish the tag to use.

Planned features include…

  • Automatically update ChompMS to latest version.
  • Pack and unpack websites for easy transportation to another web server.
  • Version control on all tags, ability to roll back to a previous edit painlessly.
  • Multiple User levels with permission settings. Normal users without CMS access, but ability to post to plugins that don’t require a full login.
  • Add new pages from the CMS settings page using predefined page templates. Will give non-coders a lot of flexibility to add and alter pages on their site!
  • Other cool stuff!

New Site!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been familiarizing myself with WordPress. I’ve found it to be very easy to customize. Also, being able to make updates to the site without having to edit the HTML files is nice. In the past I’ve made custom content management systems for some of my clients but after discovering the power of WordPress realized that they would have probably just been happier with WordPress!

So now I’m using it! Check out the site, and see some of the things it can do. If you like it you may want to consider purchasing a site. The chompBasic and chompPlus web packages now give you a WordPress site, so check out the new services page if you’re interested!