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Legacy that is Chompy Creations

Up till…well this post… this blog has practically exclusively been about DreamSphere(aka Shadow of a Dream). That probably comes as no surprise seeing as it is my game that I am currently working on. However if any of you have kept up with Chompy Creations over the years you know that there is another game that has sat quietly waiting to be made. That game is “Legend of the Destiny Swords.”

That game marks perhaps a life long dream of mine to make something awesome. It was my first big idea for a game. It has to be great and it has to be huge though. I imagine not something I should tackle by myself. Nor should such a huge undertaking be my first project.

DreamSphere is my first major game and already it's proven to be one of the biggest projects I've ever worked on, and I haven't given up on it yet, that shows promise given that its creator has ADD! The idea is to slowly work my way up to the big games, so I've starting with a relatively simple 2.5D platformer but added RPG elements to it, not as easy as I may have hoped for but it hasn't been too bad so far.

I definitely look forward to the day I can start working Legend of the Destiny Swords. I have already drafted some really cool characters and even started writing a pretty detailed script for the game's story, though unfortunately I haven't gotten very far. The game has to at least be as epic as any of Sqaure Enix's Final Fantasy games. The game itself though is more like Star Ocean with its attempt to combine both medieval fantasy with science fiction elements.

If only I could clone myself, if I had another person with my ambitions and skills in video game making I might very well be able to make some pretty impressive stuff. I am hoping that completely DreamSphere will either attract prospective game makers or give me enough of a profit to hire people and form an official game team. I suppose the *secret* third option would be to join another team, but I don't know if I could do it, not being able to call all the shots would be difficult. Certainly if anyone has a team that needs members I'd consider it.

I shall end this post with some DreamSphere news…

I've started working on revamping the animation for Maleia. I've cleaned up some of the moments a little bit and it's looking good. Once I get a few good looking levels made and get all of Maleia's animations looking good I'll post a gameplay video up.

Take a guess at what animation I am working on here. *HINT* It has to do with the running stuff I've been talking about lately. It's the animation for stopping after you've been running! All the platformers do it, you don't come to a dead stop from a run, you skid to a stop.

Why is she a pretty shade of Magenta you ask? Who knows…I guess the skin texture is in the wrong directory or something but everything works fine in game.

Chompz out!