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The New 3D Chompy

Due to various server issues as of late Chompy Creations got rolled back a bit. Now I’ve got two new servers setup and things are going pretty swell.

Me and Renoki have been working on refining our techniques, so nothing much new has happened with DreamSphere lately. However check out this 3D Chompy…

Chompy In 3D

3D Chompy is a bit weird, but don't worry he's a nice guy...once you get to know him!

Our good friend BitFox (http://xbitfox.deviantart.com/) drew up the original concept for that Chompy. Then Renoki modeled and animated him. They both did a kick ass job! Now as for what we’re using this character for… my lips are sealed!

Shout Out

DreamSphere is going through a bit of dry spell due to other projects getting in the way. So the official modeler for DreamSphere, Renoki, is looking for some additional modeling work to get some exposure. He’s done a fantastic job so far with DreamSphere and I believe he could be a valuable asset on any other 3D video game project! He’s looking to pursue a career in 3D modeling and animation. It’s a career that requires a solid portfolio to land a solid job and that’s what he’s looking to build.

Check out his blog at anthonydm.net and be amazed! …or at least consider contacting him for help with your project!

UPDATE: Renoki has found work! In fact he might be quite swamped for a while, he joined a team working on an MMO and got a job at EB Games (not a bad place to start if you’re looking for a game industry job)! We’re routing for him but hope he still can find time for DreamSphere once the project is in need of his talents again!

In Game Menus

I am no where near done with the in game menus but I just finished enough of it to show it off.

First off, yes the status page is incomplete, I still need to put the mental and exp information under the level.

Secondly, I wanted to talk about some of her stats…

Mental is health in this game. It represents your mental health state. Monsters will constantly try to drain you on mental health so that you can fully become a host to extending the existence of the dream world.

Magic represents your mental abilities and your ability to affect the mental status of others who exist in the dream world. Namely being the monsters.

Spirit represents your mental recovery. The higher it is the faster you are able to recover from a mind assault!

Resistances represent the different ways the mind can be penetrated, they take the form of different elemental attacks. I should also note that resistance also affect your offensive abilities with those elements.

Pushin' along…

UPDATE: Yep I spelled abilities wrong. Or maybe it's a cool new way to spell it, you decide!

Epic Ruins of Chompz

I haven't much felt like implementing the ingame menu in the game so I started working on a level instead. I decided to make a fancy rendering of it so everyone could enjoy it!

I just get random inspirations to make these kinds of levels. The cool thing is that given the nature of the game I can do whatever I want for levels and technically nothing have to make sense! Naturally I still want a seamless world for the most part but it's not going to be perfect.

I know this rendering isn't perfect. Someone already pointed out that textures need aligning and it's pretty clear that the ground gets clipped off by the sky dome. If you don't like my shotty attempt at a fancy 3D rendering then you probably will like Digital Blasphemy's. Yep my desktop backgrounds on all my computers have his renderings!

Well guys… I think it's time to set a deadline for myself. I want to have a video I can show you guys of the game by the end of July. If at all possible a playable demo as well. Right now there simply isn't enough content to make offering any of that really worthwhile.

Lets get started!

Bigger and Better Spells

Been working on the spells some more. All the spells have levels and get stronger with each level. They now get bigger in size as well, which means they hit a larger area. The ice spell is particularly nice at level 9, the max level, as it can cover the entire horizontal of the screen.

I've also got a new spell to show off. It's called Mega Fire(tentative name). It's basically a huge explosion that centers around the character. At higher levels it easily covers the entire screen.

You start with that and you get…

This! It's huge and it's wrecks your foes! So what's the catch? First as you may have noticed in the screenshots it takes a lot of mental to cast. Remember that mental is also your life in this game, so it's a dangerous thing to mess with. It also takes a long time to cast(about 7-8 seconds), so it's not safe to use in the midst of a ton of enemies.

The plan is to have three different types of spell for each element. One spell is the weak but cheap costing and fast casting spell. One is the strong but costly and slow casting spell. The last one is still kind of up in the air… the first idea was to have elemental weapon summoning, but now I am considering just having elemental creature summoning. Regardless this other spell will have some beneficial effect that does more then straight damage.

I've also been working a lot to fine tune that wall jump. I think you guys will like it.

That's all for now!


Since I am not releasing any videos of the game yet I thought I might show a few freeze frames of running to walking to coming to a skidding stop. Check it out…

I am pretty happy with the animation here and this could very well be the final animations for these movements.

It also occurred to me that I may not have shown off some of my text changes for Maleia. She got a complete makeover and I forgot to announce it… I mean I announce every other little detail don't I?

I particularly like the blue jean texture though I might need to work a little harder on the other ones. I am not sure how much of a concern any of this should be since you can't see the textures in huge details from the distance you see her from in the game.

Anyways, I got the textures from a site called CG Textures. All the textures there are free the only catches are that you have to sign up and that you are only allotted 15MB worth of downloads with I believe resets every 24 hours or so. I highly recommended this site to anyone wanted to make a game even if you have a huge budget, they've got some good stuff.

JOY of Running!

Another tentative logo for DreamSphere…

Looking better! A friend who works in the graphic design field has been giving me suggestions. Thanks Bill Humphries!

I've been working on a couple of things in the game that I can't exactly show pictures for. The first one is I have added support for joysticks/gamepads! Unfortunately Panda3D doesn't natively support joysticks so I had to look to another Python game engine that did. That engine was Pygame, which is another fantastic python engine, but unfortunately doesn't support any kind of 3D graphics. It is likely that I will need to use Pygame for sound and music as well since there appear to be issues with the sound libraries in Panda3D.

Secondly, I have made it possible to run in the game, or run faster whatever you want to call it. When running you have to decelerate to come to a stop or change directions. This follows something I've observed in a lot of other platformer games. Few games allow the character to simply change direction in an instant, they usually have to slow down and do a skidding animation. I still need to work on adding the animations for the different state changes involved while running.

That's all I got for now!

Enter the…Dream Sphere!

I have decided that Shadow of a Dream needs a better catchier name. I am considering “Dream Sphere” at this point. It has a nice ring to it!

There's a tentative logo.

I decided that since the Fire spell was a lot like the Earth spell that I should change it. So… I made it more like the Fire spell from the first Demo.

I recently just cleaned up my code and split up everything into it's own module. This appeared to help the frame rate quite a bit, the game can run at about 15FPS on a netbook now. Which feels playable at least but the code for frame rate independence starts to glitch at frame rates this low, in particular you can fall through the floor every now and then.