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Chompy Creations Status

Welp it’s been two months since my last post. Here’s what’s up…

The Kickstarter campaign for Bump’N'Brawl fell through, big surprise. However it proved to be a useful to promote Bump’N'Brawl and to receive some feedback. For instance we now know that there would be huge support for the game amongst the Linux community. Many Linux users, including myself, want to see more game available for it.

At any rate, both myself and Renoki have both had to slow down on BnB and focus on finding paid work. We’re still working on it though, I’ve been slowly pushing along with setting up the menus that will allow the player to setup and enter a match. I keep thinking to myself that it’d be so much easier to setup the menus as a web site, I can pump out web sites quickly! It seems like there would be a few ways that could work but it doesn’t really seem practical.

DreamSphere is something we plan to pick back up as well, but it’s on hold at the moment. We started Bump’N'Brawl as a project to be completed quickly, but we got a bit more ambitious and wanted to build a better game then we originally intended. For that matter DreamSphere was a fairly ambitious project for a team of two to take on and Bump’N'Brawl is proving to be something that’s a bit more ideal for our team size.

I silently changed the site design. Chompy Creations is a video game creation team now, we no longer offer any sort of digital media services. So the new design reflects that.

DreamSphere Prototype

ChompServ was down for a bit this evening. After having some memory issues with the server I decided to switch my HTTP software from Apache2 to Nginx. Everything is loads faster now and the server has oddles of memory! It was a lot of work but I think it was for the better.

DreamSphere will have it’s very first release on December 15. It’s the DreamSphere Prototype #1 and will be a demonstration of what the game currently has to offer. Everyone who ‘likes’ Chompy Creations on Facebook will have an opportunity to try a brief sample of the game in the first Prototype. You can also contact me (you can find the info on the About page) if you’d like to participate.

Note to potential players… this is “Prototype” release meaning it’s not polished or anywhere near what should be a final release. It’s very much a ‘pre alpha’ release. We’re release it at this stage to hopefully get some feedback on how we might proceed with development.

DreamSphere Status Update

DreamSphere recently received a bit of an overhaul. We decided to basically make player characters and enemy characters run off the same code. That way we can always ensure that enemies have all the same capabilities as players. Enemies can now attack and use skills, there can also be ‘friendly’ enemies that assist the player character(s).

So here is how the game is currently looking…

DreamSphere Friendlies

He see's you!

UPDATE: The above image was changed… here is the original… ds_11272011.jpg.

Not really all that different… it’s what’s inside that counts!

We added a damage log that shows the last 8 damage events (seen on the right). It’ll need to be tweaked but we both agreed that removing the damage info from the chat log would be a good idea. We’re currently in the process of redesigning the HP/MP status area of the Hud. We got a nice design coming out for that.

UPDATE: Added the image with the new Hud! Thoughts?

Particle System

As I believe I’ve stated in the past the game engine being used to develop DreamSphere is called Panda3D. It’s an incredible engine that’s pretty easy to learn… perhaps one of my favorite things about it is that it uses Python as its primary scripting language (for coding the games). However one set back I’ve had with Panda3D is that its particle engine is still a bit buggy. So that left me with one of two options… either use pre-rendered particle effects or code my own particle system. Fortunately a fellow by the name of Treeform already had made his own system for handling particle like stuff. He wrote the MeshDrawer class for drawing lots of billboards (flat objects that rotate to face the camera ). I took the MeshDrawer and made something that sort of resembled Panda3D’s already built in particle system… it’s not nearly there yet but for the purposes of DreamSphere it’s pretty solid! Check out some of my particles…

On the second one I rotated it around a bit to show that it’s a fully 3D system. So that’s the particle system, I’m already using it in DreamSphere and it’s been working pretty well!

Prototype Deadline

Getting close to the DreamSphere Prototype deadline! We’re going to fall a little behind of our deadline but it’s coming along pretty well…

DreamSphere 09/09/2011

We’re got weapon combat and enemy AI in place…mostly… we still need to implement skills, inventory, and a lot of other stuff! We’re really happy with how the game is starting shape out. We’re making a game that we actually want to play and hope that others will want to play it too!

We All ChomPlay!

A while back I posted a video showing some of DreamSphere’s game play. It opened with a Chompy logo I had yet to discuss. It was a name I was playing around with for my game team as a way to separate my gaming projects from my other (mostly web) projects. The name was “ChomPlay,” which is supposed to be Chomp Play. I like short and simple names and this fits. I’ve asked friends what they thought about it and have gotten rather mixed results. Some like its “chessiness,” others just think it’s…well… stupid. Me personally… I love it!

So will DreamSphere be released by ChomPlay or just simply Chompy Creations? Who knows.

Anyways… over the past few weeks DreamSphere has been sort of restarted… but I’ve had a lot more time on my hands and have made heaps full of progress. At this point I still hope to make my December goal of having a release. I hope to have a small prototype ready by the end of August. We will inevitably need testers, but more on that later. We hope to provide some sort of early access pass to a beta version of the game, probably around October. This is all assuming both of us(me and Renoki) continue to be able to work on the game at the same pace we current are.

I’m just going to leave this here…

DreamSphere Character Creation

Game Changing

UpChomp will be released as open source(free!!) in a couple of days, I have made a project page for it in the meantime.

DreamSphere is getting an drastic overhaul. While it will contain the same basic story we are scrapping Maleia as the main character in favor of allowing the player to make their own hero. The game will also receive a multiplayer option and a new skill system where your skills depend on your character’s aligned element(Fire, Wind, Ice, Earth) and equipped weapon. We are excited about the new direction DreamSphere is going but naturally it does mean a significant delay on the release date. Being a game whose development team consist of two people, both with regular jobs, we can’t accurately give a release date anyways, it’ll be available when it’s available!

DreamSphere Pipeline

A lot of work has been going on for DreamSphere over the past few weeks. During the summer I will be dedicating at least 16 hours a week to the game in hopes that a demo will be ready by the end of the summer.

Here are some things that we are currently working on…

  • Weapons for both Maleia and Wayne(Prince).
    • Maleia will use staves while Wayne will use other melee oriented weapons.
  • New UI for quick switching of abilities/weapons.
  • Enemies for the first area(Snow area).
  • Level editor

And probably some other stuff too. A friend has also stepped in and begin dedicating much of his time to the game. His name is Renoki and he’s been modeling some of the characters, weapons, and enemies for the game. It’s been really nice having someone focus on design while I have been focusing on programming. He gets a Chompy Gold Star(C.G.S.)… or at least he would if such a thing existed! Anyways next post I hope to show off some of the work he’s done and perhaps post a few screenshots of some of the new mechanics we have in store.

A More Complete Level Editor

DreamSphere Level Editor

I’ve added quite a few things to the DreamSphere level editor. Here is a list of what it can do now…

  • Load/Save Levels
  • Delete tiles
  • Switch between titles (it auto loads all 3D models in a certain directory to use as tiles)
  • Flipping horizontally and vertically

It’s got everything one would need to get started in making a level. However it’s still not so easy to use, I sure wouldn’t feel too comfortable trying to make a large level with this editor. However, what I was able to make in the image above really makes me think that this could work!

It needs to be tested with much much larger levels, since each tile is a separate object loaded into memory, there is no doubt that it’ll probably get memory intensive.

There is something about placing 3D cubes that reminds me of Minecraft. Speaking of which, I’m 2/3rd of the way to making a Minecraft clone! Just need to add another axis and I’m good to go!

DreamSphere Website Launched!

I finally decided DreamSphere needed its own website. If only to prove to myself that it’s going to be big. I’m sure it’ll be nice to have once the game is finished and I’m trying to promote it! Check it out here… http://www.dreamspheregame.com