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Chompy Creations Status

Welp it’s been two months since my last post. Here’s what’s up…

The Kickstarter campaign for Bump’N'Brawl fell through, big surprise. However it proved to be a useful to promote Bump’N'Brawl and to receive some feedback. For instance we now know that there would be huge support for the game amongst the Linux community. Many Linux users, including myself, want to see more game available for it.

At any rate, both myself and Renoki have both had to slow down on BnB and focus on finding paid work. We’re still working on it though, I’ve been slowly pushing along with setting up the menus that will allow the player to setup and enter a match. I keep thinking to myself that it’d be so much easier to setup the menus as a web site, I can pump out web sites quickly! It seems like there would be a few ways that could work but it doesn’t really seem practical.

DreamSphere is something we plan to pick back up as well, but it’s on hold at the moment. We started Bump’N'Brawl as a project to be completed quickly, but we got a bit more ambitious and wanted to build a better game then we originally intended. For that matter DreamSphere was a fairly ambitious project for a team of two to take on and Bump’N'Brawl is proving to be something that’s a bit more ideal for our team size.

I silently changed the site design. Chompy Creations is a video game creation team now, we no longer offer any sort of digital media services. So the new design reflects that.