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A Semester of Drawings

This semester I took a Drawing class and learned quite a bit. I wanted to post some of my drawings… so yeah…here they are!

We started out drawing a lot of bones and skulls…

Human Skull Drawing

Animal Skull Drawing

Various Bones Drawing

This next one was a neat assignment, we had to pick a piece by a famous artist and copy it. I choose Casper David Fredrich’s Hochgebirge(1924), which is definitely not one of his more popular works.

Casper David Friedrich, Hochgebirge(1924) Master Copy

Finally our last project was to draw an autobiographical piece. Naturally this had to include Chompy. This may freak some of you out! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Chompy is the Man

Chompy sure does pop up everywhere. So interestingly enough I didn’t really mean for Chompy to represent me in this piece, the shadowy figure in the foreground is me and Chompy is what I am to become… or something like that. In the background you can see a billboard cut off that clearly says “Dream” and “Chompy Creations” under it. Well that’s DreamSphere by Chompy Creations… so there ya go!