Slight Renovation

This site has just undergone some slight renovation. The Portfolio page is now divided into categories. This was so I could add a section for websites I’ve only coded. Most of the time a 3rd party does the graphic design for a website and I merely do the coding… however that leaves me without much to show in my portfolio. So I wanted to have a way to show off these ‘coded’ sites without leading people to believe I also did the graphics.

A week or two ago I posted about getting all my servers IPV6 ready. I am happy to say that almost all my websites and the sites that I host are accessible over IPV6 now. As I said before this doesn’t really mean anything to anyone at the moment… but it’s always good to be ready for something that everyone will inevitably have to have.

Finally DreamSphere’s website has been updated with some new information about the game in it’s current state. Check it out here…

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