Particle System

As I believe I’ve stated in the past the game engine being used to develop DreamSphere is called Panda3D. It’s an incredible engine that’s pretty easy to learn… perhaps one of my favorite things about it is that it uses Python as its primary scripting language (for coding the games). However one set back I’ve had with Panda3D is that its particle engine is still a bit buggy. So that left me with one of two options… either use pre-rendered particle effects or code my own particle system. Fortunately a fellow by the name of Treeform already had made his own system for handling particle like stuff. He wrote the MeshDrawer class for drawing lots of billboards (flat objects that rotate to face the camera ). I took the MeshDrawer and made something that sort of resembled Panda3D’s already built in particle system… it’s not nearly there yet but for the purposes of DreamSphere it’s pretty solid! Check out some of my particles…

On the second one I rotated it around a bit to show that it’s a fully 3D system. So that’s the particle system, I’m already using it in DreamSphere and it’s been working pretty well!

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