You’re trapped… inside an unforgiving dream world. One wrong move and you’ll be trapped forever as a minion of the evil dream lord. Escape You must! First however, you must discover your true power! After all he who dreams can control the dream.

DreamSphere is 3D sidescrolling platformer / Action RPG where you complete dungeons, level up, and find equipment to gear up your character.

The Game

DreamSphere(formally known as Shadow of A Dream) is being remade using Panda3D. This has allowed for a lot more flexibility as far as 3D effects goes, in fact the game is now fully 3D! At least the graphics are fully 3D, the game itself is still a side-scrolling platformer. The game is now going through it’s 3rd rendition… the first two versions featured a main character named Maleia whereas the third(current) version allows the player to make their own hero to conquer the dream world with.

Download & Media

Rendition 1
Shadow of a Dream Demo 1 – GameMaker 7

Rendition 2
DreamSphere Gameplay Video Rendition 2

Rendition 3 (Current)
Prototype Build (Web Version)

Official Website

DreamSphere now has its own website! I’ll be posting up more information as I get further along in the development process. Check it out…

DreamSphere – The Video Game


Nearly 500 years ago a strong and properous kingdom fell silent. No one to this day has any explanation for it. Some claim it was the work on a deadly virus, others claim it was the work of aliens… no one really knows!

Today… people are dropping into comas left and right, and once again no one can explain it. You too fall victim to one of these comas…

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