DreamSphere Status Update

DreamSphere recently received a bit of an overhaul. We decided to basically make player characters and enemy characters run off the same code. That way we can always ensure that enemies have all the same capabilities as players. Enemies can now attack and use skills, there can also be ‘friendly’ enemies that assist the player character(s).

So here is how the game is currently looking…

DreamSphere Friendlies

He see's you!

UPDATE: The above image was changed… here is the original… ds_11272011.jpg.

Not really all that different… it’s what’s inside that counts!

We added a damage log that shows the last 8 damage events (seen on the right). It’ll need to be tweaked but we both agreed that removing the damage info from the chat log would be a good idea. We’re currently in the process of redesigning the HP/MP status area of the Hud. We got a nice design coming out for that.

UPDATE: Added the image with the new Hud! Thoughts?

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