Web Stuff

I’ve been getting down and techy tuning up my web servers. Chompycreations.com can now be accessed at https://www.chompycreations.com (HTTPS means on a secure connection) for those who like a little extra security… which really doesn’t matter, it benefits me however because I know longer have to send my password in plain text! So web security is something I’ve been researching and learning how to do a lot lately.

Another thing I’ve been keeping my eye on is IPV6, eventually everyone will have to use it and I would like to try and get all my servers compatible. Currently my home server at chompy.co appears to support IPV6 connections. My production servers which are hosted on Amazon EC2 don’t appear to have full support yet, hopefully Amazon will get on that soon.

So if you are the least bit impressed by the above and need your website hosted I can do that, see hosting.chompy.co for the details. Keep in mind my hosting is for people who don’t want to do it themselves, if you want to setup everything and essentially have complete control then you should consider a service like 1&1 Hosting.

Shout Out

DreamSphere is going through a bit of dry spell due to other projects getting in the way. So the official modeler for DreamSphere, Renoki, is looking for some additional modeling work to get some exposure. He’s done a fantastic job so far with DreamSphere and I believe he could be a valuable asset on any other 3D video game project! He’s looking to pursue a career in 3D modeling and animation. It’s a career that requires a solid portfolio to land a solid job and that’s what he’s looking to build.

Check out his blog at anthonydm.net and be amazed! …or at least consider contacting him for help with your project!

UPDATE: Renoki has found work! In fact he might be quite swamped for a while, he joined a team working on an MMO and got a job at EB Games (not a bad place to start if you’re looking for a game industry job)! We’re routing for him but hope he still can find time for DreamSphere once the project is in need of his talents again!

Prototype Deadline

Getting close to the DreamSphere Prototype deadline! We’re going to fall a little behind of our deadline but it’s coming along pretty well…

DreamSphere 09/09/2011

We’re got weapon combat and enemy AI in place…mostly… we still need to implement skills, inventory, and a lot of other stuff! We’re really happy with how the game is starting shape out. We’re making a game that we actually want to play and hope that others will want to play it too!

FFXIV Skill Flow Update

Quick update! The FFXIV Skill Flow application has been updated to version 0.12. I noticed that a decent number of people were downloading the broken 0.11 version so I decided to fix it up! There might be a few problems still but as always feel free to send the bugs my way and I’ll fix them as soon as I can!

We All ChomPlay!

A while back I posted a video showing some of DreamSphere’s game play. It opened with a Chompy logo I had yet to discuss. It was a name I was playing around with for my game team as a way to separate my gaming projects from my other (mostly web) projects. The name was “ChomPlay,” which is supposed to be Chomp Play. I like short and simple names and this fits. I’ve asked friends what they thought about it and have gotten rather mixed results. Some like its “chessiness,” others just think it’s…well… stupid. Me personally… I love it!

So will DreamSphere be released by ChomPlay or just simply Chompy Creations? Who knows.

Anyways… over the past few weeks DreamSphere has been sort of restarted… but I’ve had a lot more time on my hands and have made heaps full of progress. At this point I still hope to make my December goal of having a release. I hope to have a small prototype ready by the end of August. We will inevitably need testers, but more on that later. We hope to provide some sort of early access pass to a beta version of the game, probably around October. This is all assuming both of us(me and Renoki) continue to be able to work on the game at the same pace we current are.

I’m just going to leave this here…

DreamSphere Character Creation

Game Changing

UpChomp will be released as open source(free!!) in a couple of days, I have made a project page for it in the meantime.

DreamSphere is getting an drastic overhaul. While it will contain the same basic story we are scrapping Maleia as the main character in favor of allowing the player to make their own hero. The game will also receive a multiplayer option and a new skill system where your skills depend on your character’s aligned element(Fire, Wind, Ice, Earth) and equipped weapon. We are excited about the new direction DreamSphere is going but naturally it does mean a significant delay on the release date. Being a game whose development team consist of two people, both with regular jobs, we can’t accurately give a release date anyways, it’ll be available when it’s available!

Introducing UpChomp!

It’s Chompy’s first official game! UpChomp is a game of Chompy Vs Gravity/Momentum. It plays on the fact that Chompy has no feet or arms to speak of, so he has to bounce around on springs to get through each level. Chompy can’t move while on the ground, only while in the air, when he hits the ground his momentum carries but he’s no longer controllable. In addition to springs Chompy also has the aid of various power ups like the “Heli-Chomp” powerup that lets him hover for a short period of time.


I figured I was getting ahead of myself with DreamSphere so I decided to slow down and make something a lot simpler… and this is indeed a lot simpler. Sometimes, the simplest games are the most fun ones.

A sample version of the game should be available in a week or two. The game will be released for Windows, Linux, and Android. MacOSX will also be available if I have the means to compile a binary for Mac. The plan is to release it for free on the PC and for $1 on the Android, but that isn’t set in stone yet. The Android version will allow the use of the accelerometer if available.

After UpChomp is completed I plan to go back to developing DreamSphere, I would still like to get a demo out showcasing the first level by the end of the year.

Email is ‘E’-Tastic!

To anyone who might have tried to send me an email from my @chompy.co account I most likely did not receive it. I recently setup ‘chompy.co’ on my own DNS server and was slightly oblivious to the fact that doing so might screw up all emails on that domain. Anyways we’re back in business now!

Update?! Sorry no DreamSphere news, I reached a point where things were getting rather difficult in DreamSphere so I decided to take a break in favor of another much simpler project. I don’t want to release any major details yet but I will say it’s a game with Chompy and will be available for Windows/Mac/Linux and…wait for it… Android! The game has already been tested and is working on my Android device. I will also say that the game is very nearly finished, I hope to have it ready in 2-3 weeks.

DreamSphere Pipeline

A lot of work has been going on for DreamSphere over the past few weeks. During the summer I will be dedicating at least 16 hours a week to the game in hopes that a demo will be ready by the end of the summer.

Here are some things that we are currently working on…

  • Weapons for both Maleia and Wayne(Prince).
    • Maleia will use staves while Wayne will use other melee oriented weapons.
  • New UI for quick switching of abilities/weapons.
  • Enemies for the first area(Snow area).
  • Level editor

And probably some other stuff too. A friend has also stepped in and begin dedicating much of his time to the game. His name is Renoki and he’s been modeling some of the characters, weapons, and enemies for the game. It’s been really nice having someone focus on design while I have been focusing on programming. He gets a Chompy Gold Star(C.G.S.)… or at least he would if such a thing existed! Anyways next post I hope to show off some of the work he’s done and perhaps post a few screenshots of some of the new mechanics we have in store.

Server Outtage

I recently moved Chompy Creations to an Amazon EC2 server. Unfortunately today that server went down for most of the day. Other then that little issue I really like hosting my sites on the EC2 service. It allows me to setup my server however I want it and I can write my own automatic backup scripts!

I’m still working on getting everything back in order so excuse the mess while I get everything set back up.