Knock your opponents off the playing field and be the last man standing in this multiplayer top down fighting game. Bump N Brawl aims to be simple yet fun and features a simple and easy to pick up two button control scheme. Whether you’re a fan of fighting games or just like fun action packed combat Bump N Brawl has something for everything!

The Game

Bump N Brawl is based loosely on a project Chompy (Nathan Ogden) worked on when he was 12. It was a multiplayer game called “Chomperman” where the goal was the knock your opponents of a playing field. The experience this simple game provided was surprisingly incredible. Bump N Brawl is an attempt to take that idea and expand apon it. All while polishing it up and adding new elements to the original idea.

Our goal with Bump N Brawl is to provide a fun and chaotic multiplayer experience where the goal isn’t so much to win as it is to wreck havoc!


Learn more at the Bump N Brawl website!

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