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Yep, I haven’t posted in quite some time. Meeeeh. I’m slowly working on a new site called ‘Chompy.ME’ that will serve as my personal blog where I review video games, write handy articles about video game development, and other tech related articles. Chompy Creations was meant to be a site encompassing a team of creators/developers. […]

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Chompy Creations Status

Welp it’s been two months since my last post. Here’s what’s up… The Kickstarter campaign for Bump’N’Brawl fell through, big surprise. However it proved to be a useful to promote Bump’N’Brawl and to receive some feedback. For instance we now know that there would be huge support for the game amongst the Linux community. Many […]

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Bump N Brawl

Cause mayhem in this top down fighting game for up to 8 players!

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You’re trapped in a dream world in this 3D sidescrolling platformer / action RPG.

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Chompy takes to the skies in this 2D puzzler where the goal is to help Chompy find the cookies!

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Bump N Brawl!

If you saw my last blog entry you might have been wondering what the heck we were doing giving Chompy arms and legs. The answer is Bump N Brawl! A new top down fighting game created by myself and Renoki (Anthony De Medeiros). We have started a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of gaining funding to […]

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The New 3D Chompy

Due to various server issues as of late Chompy Creations got rolled back a bit. Now I’ve got two new servers setup and things are going pretty swell. Me and Renoki have been working on refining our techniques, so nothing much new has happened with DreamSphere lately. However check out this 3D Chompy… Our good […]

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DreamSphere Prototype

ChompServ was down for a bit this evening. After having some memory issues with the server I decided to switch my HTTP software from Apache2 to Nginx. Everything is loads faster now and the server has oddles of memory! It was a lot of work but I think it was for the better. DreamSphere will […]

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DreamSphere Status Update

DreamSphere recently received a bit of an overhaul. We decided to basically make player characters and enemy characters run off the same code. That way we can always ensure that enemies have all the same capabilities as players. Enemies can now attack and use skills, there can also be ‘friendly’ enemies that assist the player […]

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UpChomp Update!

UpChomp has been updated to version 1.02. It adds no new content but sets the stage to make adding new map packs a bit easier in the future. Version 1.02 adds support for stand alone map files, these are map files compressed inside a ZIP file. Future map pack releases will now most likely be […]

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