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Bump N Brawl

Knock your opponents off the playing field and be the last man standing in this multiplayer top down fighting game. Bump N Brawl aims to be simple yet fun and features a simple and easy to pick up two button control scheme. Whether you’re a fan of fighting games or just like fun action packed combat Bump N Brawl has something for everything!

The Game

Bump N Brawl is based loosely on a project Chompy (Nathan Ogden) worked on when he was 12. It was a multiplayer game called “Chomperman” where the goal was the knock your opponents of a playing field. The experience this simple game provided was surprisingly incredible. Bump N Brawl is an attempt to take that idea and expand apon it. All while polishing it up and adding new elements to the original idea.

Our goal with Bump N Brawl is to provide a fun and chaotic multiplayer experience where the goal isn’t so much to win as it is to wreck havoc!


Learn more at the Bump N Brawl website!


You’re trapped… inside an unforgiving dream world. One wrong move and you’ll be trapped forever as a minion of the evil dream lord. Escape You must! First however, you must discover your true power! After all he who dreams can control the dream.

DreamSphere is 3D sidescrolling platformer / Action RPG where you complete dungeons, level up, and find equipment to gear up your character.

The Game

DreamSphere(formally known as Shadow of A Dream) is being remade using Panda3D. This has allowed for a lot more flexibility as far as 3D effects goes, in fact the game is now fully 3D! At least the graphics are fully 3D, the game itself is still a side-scrolling platformer. The game is now going through it’s 3rd rendition… the first two versions featured a main character named Maleia whereas the third(current) version allows the player to make their own hero to conquer the dream world with.

Download & Media

Rendition 1
Shadow of a Dream Demo 1 – GameMaker 7

Rendition 2
DreamSphere Gameplay Video Rendition 2

Rendition 3 (Current)
Prototype Build (Web Version)

Official Website

DreamSphere now has its own website! I’ll be posting up more information as I get further along in the development process. Check it out…

DreamSphere – The Video Game


Nearly 500 years ago a strong and properous kingdom fell silent. No one to this day has any explanation for it. Some claim it was the work on a deadly virus, others claim it was the work of aliens… no one really knows!

Today… people are dropping into comas left and right, and once again no one can explain it. You too fall victim to one of these comas…

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Chompy takes to the skies in his first game! In UpChomp Chompy must find all his cookies, unfortunately Chompy can only move while in the air, so you must use springs found in the levels and your various power ups. The game is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android. It can be played with either the mouse, keyboard, or accelerometer(on Android devices).

UpChomp was made by Chompy (Nathan Ogden) so that he could expand upon his skills. It was also an experiment to see how viable the Pygame engine would be for development, particularly on the Android. The project was a good learning experience but now Chompy and the team have moved up to other projects. UpChomp has been released under an open source license in hopes that others might try and improve it. Also if we find that others are playing and enjoying UpChomp then we will definitely come back to it and improve it!


UpChomp is released under the GNU Public License. That means you are free to make changes to it and re-release it under the same license. Though not required, I’d really like to see any changes being made to UpChomp and ask that anyone who releases a change show them to me so that I get to see what cool things are being done to my game!



Windows Installer
Version 1.02 – upchomp_v1.02_win32_installer.exe

Windows Standalone
Version 1.02 –

Linux Standalone
Use the source version, run ‘python’ with Python and Pygame installed.

Version 1.02 –
Requires python 2.6 (or possibly later) and pygame.


Bump N Brawl!

If you saw my last blog entry you might have been wondering what the heck we were doing giving Chompy arms and legs.

Bump N Brawl

The answer is Bump N Brawl! A new top down fighting game created by myself and Renoki (Anthony De Medeiros). We have started a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of gaining funding to help fund this and future projects. So please check it out and contribute!

Check it out at!