Monthly Archives: December 2011

DreamSphere Prototype

ChompServ was down for a bit this evening. After having some memory issues with the server I decided to switch my HTTP software from Apache2 to Nginx. Everything is loads faster now and the server has oddles of memory! It was a lot of work but I think it was for the better.

DreamSphere will have it’s very first release on December 15. It’s the DreamSphere Prototype #1 and will be a demonstration of what the game currently has to offer. Everyone who ‘likes’ Chompy Creations on Facebook will have an opportunity to try a brief sample of the game in the first Prototype. You can also contact me (you can find the info on the About page) if you’d like to participate.

Note to potential players… this is “Prototype” release meaning it’s not polished or anywhere near what should be a final release. It’s very much a ‘pre alpha’ release. We’re release it at this stage to hopefully get some feedback on how we might proceed with development.