Monthly Archives: October 2011

A Social Chomp

Some assorted bloggy stuff…

Chompy Creations finally got a twitter account. Yeah! I also bought the domains and to use for URL shortening stuff……maybe someone will buy that off me for 1 million dollars…yeah right…I can dream! So at the top of every post there will now be a shortened URL for use with your tweets… cause Chompy Creations stuff is totally the happening thing to tweet about! Mainly though, I’m stickler for tiny URLs… people rarely seem to be able to even remember something like, but how about!

The links to the Chompy Creations Facebook page and Twitter account are at the top right of every page. If I might ask a favor… like the Chompy Creations Facebook page!

UpChomp, being the open source project that it is, and developed using Git version control is now on GitHub! It’s an even easier way for folks to quickly check out my awesome/horrible programming skills!

DreamSphere’s website and Chompy Creations page has been updated with the latest version of the game. We’re calling it ‘rendition #3′ as it’s gone through essentially three notable different versions. Check it out here!

The Service’s page makes a return! We’re teaming up with designer Chad White to give our customer’s more professional looking website designs! All our WordPress packages are hosted on our very own ChompServ with the backend pages secured behind SSL! Feel safe knowing your password and content are secure!

Slight Renovation

This site has just undergone some slight renovation. The Portfolio page is now divided into categories. This was so I could add a section for websites I’ve only coded. Most of the time a 3rd party does the graphic design for a website and I merely do the coding… however that leaves me without much to show in my portfolio. So I wanted to have a way to show off these ‘coded’ sites without leading people to believe I also did the graphics.

A week or two ago I posted about getting all my servers IPV6 ready. I am happy to say that almost all my websites and the sites that I host are accessible over IPV6 now. As I said before this doesn’t really mean anything to anyone at the moment… but it’s always good to be ready for something that everyone will inevitably have to have.

Finally DreamSphere’s website has been updated with some new information about the game in it’s current state. Check it out here…

Particle System

As I believe I’ve stated in the past the game engine being used to develop DreamSphere is called Panda3D. It’s an incredible engine that’s pretty easy to learn… perhaps one of my favorite things about it is that it uses Python as its primary scripting language (for coding the games). However one set back I’ve had with Panda3D is that its particle engine is still a bit buggy. So that left me with one of two options… either use pre-rendered particle effects or code my own particle system. Fortunately a fellow by the name of Treeform already had made his own system for handling particle like stuff. He wrote the MeshDrawer class for drawing lots of billboards (flat objects that rotate to face the camera ). I took the MeshDrawer and made something that sort of resembled Panda3D’s already built in particle system… it’s not nearly there yet but for the purposes of DreamSphere it’s pretty solid! Check out some of my particles…

On the second one I rotated it around a bit to show that it’s a fully 3D system. So that’s the particle system, I’m already using it in DreamSphere and it’s been working pretty well!

Web Stuff

I’ve been getting down and techy tuning up my web servers. can now be accessed at (HTTPS means on a secure connection) for those who like a little extra security… which really doesn’t matter, it benefits me however because I know longer have to send my password in plain text! So web security is something I’ve been researching and learning how to do a lot lately.

Another thing I’ve been keeping my eye on is IPV6, eventually everyone will have to use it and I would like to try and get all my servers compatible. Currently my home server at appears to support IPV6 connections. My production servers which are hosted on Amazon EC2 don’t appear to have full support yet, hopefully Amazon will get on that soon.

So if you are the least bit impressed by the above and need your website hosted I can do that, see for the details. Keep in mind my hosting is for people who don’t want to do it themselves, if you want to setup everything and essentially have complete control then you should consider a service like 1&1 Hosting.