Monthly Archives: September 2011

Shout Out

DreamSphere is going through a bit of dry spell due to other projects getting in the way. So the official modeler for DreamSphere, Renoki, is looking for some additional modeling work to get some exposure. He’s done a fantastic job so far with DreamSphere and I believe he could be a valuable asset on any other 3D video game project! He’s looking to pursue a career in 3D modeling and animation. It’s a career that requires a solid portfolio to land a solid job and that’s what he’s looking to build.

Check out his blog at and be amazed! …or at least consider contacting him for help with your project!

UPDATE: Renoki has found work! In fact he might be quite swamped for a while, he joined a team working on an MMO and got a job at EB Games (not a bad place to start if you’re looking for a game industry job)! We’re routing for him but hope he still can find time for DreamSphere once the project is in need of his talents again!

Prototype Deadline

Getting close to the DreamSphere Prototype deadline! We’re going to fall a little behind of our deadline but it’s coming along pretty well…

DreamSphere 09/09/2011

We’re got weapon combat and enemy AI in place…mostly… we still need to implement skills, inventory, and a lot of other stuff! We’re really happy with how the game is starting shape out. We’re making a game that we actually want to play and hope that others will want to play it too!