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FFXIV Skill Flow Update

Quick update! The FFXIV Skill Flow application has been updated to version 0.12. I noticed that a decent number of people were downloading the broken 0.11 version so I decided to fix it up! There might be a few problems still but as always feel free to send the bugs my way and I’ll fix them as soon as I can!

We All ChomPlay!

A while back I posted a video showing some of DreamSphere’s game play. It opened with a Chompy logo I had yet to discuss. It was a name I was playing around with for my game team as a way to separate my gaming projects from my other (mostly web) projects. The name was “ChomPlay,” which is supposed to be Chomp Play. I like short and simple names and this fits. I’ve asked friends what they thought about it and have gotten rather mixed results. Some like its “chessiness,” others just think it’s…well… stupid. Me personally… I love it!

So will DreamSphere be released by ChomPlay or just simply Chompy Creations? Who knows.

Anyways… over the past few weeks DreamSphere has been sort of restarted… but I’ve had a lot more time on my hands and have made heaps full of progress. At this point I still hope to make my December goal of having a release. I hope to have a small prototype ready by the end of August. We will inevitably need testers, but more on that later. We hope to provide some sort of early access pass to a beta version of the game, probably around October. This is all assuming both of us(me and Renoki) continue to be able to work on the game at the same pace we current are.

I’m just going to leave this here…

DreamSphere Character Creation