Monthly Archives: July 2011

Game Changing

UpChomp will be released as open source(free!!) in a couple of days, I have made a project page for it in the meantime.

DreamSphere is getting an drastic overhaul. While it will contain the same basic story we are scrapping Maleia as the main character in favor of allowing the player to make their own hero. The game will also receive a multiplayer option and a new skill system where your skills depend on your character’s aligned element(Fire, Wind, Ice, Earth) and equipped weapon. We are excited about the new direction DreamSphere is going but naturally it does mean a significant delay on the release date. Being a game whose development team consist of two people, both with regular jobs, we can’t accurately give a release date anyways, it’ll be available when it’s available!

Introducing UpChomp!

It’s Chompy’s first official game! UpChomp is a game of Chompy Vs Gravity/Momentum. It plays on the fact that Chompy has no feet or arms to speak of, so he has to bounce around on springs to get through each level. Chompy can’t move while on the ground, only while in the air, when he hits the ground his momentum carries but he’s no longer controllable. In addition to springs Chompy also has the aid of various power ups like the “Heli-Chomp” powerup that lets him hover for a short period of time.


I figured I was getting ahead of myself with DreamSphere so I decided to slow down and make something a lot simpler… and this is indeed a lot simpler. Sometimes, the simplest games are the most fun ones.

A sample version of the game should be available in a week or two. The game will be released for Windows, Linux, and Android. MacOSX will also be available if I have the means to compile a binary for Mac. The plan is to release it for free on the PC and for $1 on the Android, but that isn’t set in stone yet. The Android version will allow the use of the accelerometer if available.

After UpChomp is completed I plan to go back to developing DreamSphere, I would still like to get a demo out showcasing the first level by the end of the year.