Monthly Archives: June 2011

Email is ‘E’-Tastic!

To anyone who might have tried to send me an email from my account I most likely did not receive it. I recently setup ‘’ on my own DNS server and was slightly oblivious to the fact that doing so might screw up all emails on that domain. Anyways we’re back in business now!

Update?! Sorry no DreamSphere news, I reached a point where things were getting rather difficult in DreamSphere so I decided to take a break in favor of another much simpler project. I don’t want to release any major details yet but I will say it’s a game with Chompy and will be available for Windows/Mac/Linux and…wait for it… Android! The game has already been tested and is working on my Android device. I will also say that the game is very nearly finished, I hope to have it ready in 2-3 weeks.