Monthly Archives: May 2011

DreamSphere Pipeline

A lot of work has been going on for DreamSphere over the past few weeks. During the summer I will be dedicating at least 16 hours a week to the game in hopes that a demo will be ready by the end of the summer.

Here are some things that we are currently working on…

  • Weapons for both Maleia and Wayne(Prince).
    • Maleia will use staves while Wayne will use other melee oriented weapons.
  • New UI for quick switching of abilities/weapons.
  • Enemies for the first area(Snow area).
  • Level editor

And probably some other stuff too. A friend has also stepped in and begin dedicating much of his time to the game. His name is Renoki and he’s been modeling some of the characters, weapons, and enemies for the game. It’s been really nice having someone focus on design while I have been focusing on programming. He gets a Chompy Gold Star(C.G.S.)… or at least he would if such a thing existed! Anyways next post I hope to show off some of the work he’s done and perhaps post a few screenshots of some of the new mechanics we have in store.