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A Semester of Drawings

This semester I took a Drawing class and learned quite a bit. I wanted to post some of my drawings… so yeah…here they are!

We started out drawing a lot of bones and skulls…

Human Skull Drawing

Animal Skull Drawing

Various Bones Drawing

This next one was a neat assignment, we had to pick a piece by a famous artist and copy it. I choose Casper David Fredrich’s Hochgebirge(1924), which is definitely not one of his more popular works.

Casper David Friedrich, Hochgebirge(1924) Master Copy

Finally our last project was to draw an autobiographical piece. Naturally this had to include Chompy. This may freak some of you out! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Chompy is the Man

Chompy sure does pop up everywhere. So interestingly enough I didn’t really mean for Chompy to represent me in this piece, the shadowy figure in the foreground is me and Chompy is what I am to become… or something like that. In the background you can see a billboard cut off that clearly says “Dream” and “Chompy Creations” under it. Well that’s DreamSphere by Chompy Creations… so there ya go!

Skill Flow is Open Source!

As promised, XIV Skill Flow is now at version 0.10 and now comes with the source code. It has been released on the GNU Public License giving anyone the right to modify and redistribute it!

As always you can download the latest version on the XIV Skill Flow page

There was some question not too long ago on the FFXIVcore forums as to whether or not this program was against FFXIV’s terms of service. This ultimately lead to my topic I posted about it getting closed. I strongly believe that it is not against the TOS, but even after presented with what I believed to be a rather strong argument in my favor the moderators at the FFXIVcore forums have not appeared to reconsider opening the topic again. So I don’t really know what to think about that website, so I say use both FFXIVcore and XIV Skill Flow at your own digression.

So now that the source code is out there you can laugh at my pathetic excuse for a computer program! ; ;

Huzzah! It’s Chomp News!

Some Chomp news for ya guys…

First off… after testing it for a few nights I am pretty satisfied with v0.09 of XIV Skill Flow. It’s pretty much what I intended it to be when I started the project. So I intend to release the source code, most likely under the GNU Public License, for anyone to modify and make improvement to. That’ll all be available with the release of v0.1. For you Linux and Mac users this does mean you’ll be able to run it on your OS. That only really benefits Wine users, but since FFXIV does run in Wine it’s worth mentioning. Hey and the Wikipedia article on FFXIV says this… “Square Enix announced at GDC 2008 that the new MMO was being targeted at all aforementioned systems and hinted that Mac and Linux clients would not be out of the question.” …yeah it’s a long shot…loooooooooooooong.

Second… I am slowly starting to work on DreamSphere again with the help of a friend! He goes by the name Renoki, and is a regular member of an IRC chat room I’ve been hanging out in for years. I’m always looking for an extra hand… and while I can’t offer any immediate money to helpers rest assured they’ll be remembered if and when the game sees a profit! ;)

Finally… 50th blog entry bishes!!! Yeaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

FFXIV Skill Flow Bugs

I’ve been testing the Skill Flow program and the current version still have some problems. Here are a few of the bugs I’ve noticed…

- Fails to update automatically, you have to restart and continue your session to get it to update.
- Fails to count the number of mobs killed correctly.
- Some people appear to be having trouble starting the program in the first place.

So I’ll be working on these problems this week. I admit that this little project has taking over my gaming projects, but I do think it’s important to have little projects like these that can be finished within a small time so I can get some stuff out there to show!

UPDATE: Checkout version 0.09, it’s packed up into a single EXE file now. If 0.09 doesn’t work for you 0.08 is still available on the skill flow page.