Monthly Archives: October 2010

FFXIV Exp Parser

Some friends of mine asked me to build a program that could tell them their ‘skill points’ per hour in Final Fantasy XIV. Piece of cake after building that crafting website right? Indeed, it wasn’t too bad, but it definitely has a few problems. It parses your logs in the game which are only dumped as the in game chat log fills up. Since the logs themselves don’t have any kind of time stamp in them it can only go by the modification time of the log files.

Still though it works mostly… and I plan to keep working on it!

FFXIV Skill Flow

For the latest version see this page…
FFXIV Skill Flow

Enjoy! :D

Sweet Looking Water!

I had been obsessing over this for a while now but I finally figured out how to make the water in DreamSphere look pretty nice.

Nice Looking Water

It looks awesome when it’s moving some I’ll have to make a video at some point. Anyways I actually got the idea from staring at the water in Final Fantasy XIV. I realized all they were doing was overlaying two different water textures over each other and moving them in different directions. You don’t need fancy shaders or anything! It’s quite an effective illusion if you ask me.

Indeed it pays to study other video games. DreamSphere is definitely a compilation of things I like from other video games, even down to the menu system! That’s not to say I’m doing everything right, I’m still an amateur when it comes to game making after all.

Nough said!