Monthly Archives: September 2010

Are you Creeped Out Yet?

This may scare you…

Chompy in 3D
Yep, Chompy is 3D now. I am working on making a small game with Chompy in it to take a break from DreamSphere for a while. I’ll reveal more about the game later, I think I’ve freaked everyone out enough for now.

UPDATE: Yeah the game never happened… but it was pretty cool making Chompy in 3D. At some point there will be a Chompy video game, no doubt about that!

It’s Doable!

Still working the kinks out of my blog. Not everything came over so gracefully, but I think it’s all good now.

Still haven’t been working on DreamSphere as much as I would like. I’ve hit that wall I always tend to hit. I am slowly forcing myself to continue. Today I did some research on how to do some basic fluid physics to do some nice look waves and ripples for the ruins level. I can’t stand the flat looking water there.

Part of the reason I have some difficulty with the game now is I am a bit overwhelmed with the directions I could take from here on and the order at which I should be doing everything else that needs to be done. This is of course due to poor/no planning and I knew this would be an issue. I like figuring things out as I go along but know that it doesn’t usually work in the real world.

So I want to work with the goal of having a releasable demo by the end of the year and finishing the game by the Indie contest deadline for 2011. Trying to get it in for this years contest would be a huge mistake.

So that’s where I am at. I got my timeline planned out…sort of… now I got to abide by it!

Busy Not Having a Life!

I’m not going to apologize for not posting in a while…mostly because no one cares! =D

Anyways… haven’t been doing too much work on DreamSphere been too busy playing the Final Fantasy XIV. Aah yeah back into my old MMO addiction habits. In my defense I’ve been observing the game rather closely and I particularly like the animations of the characters in it. Perhaps I can learn a thing or two from it…perhaps….

New Site!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been familiarizing myself with WordPress. I’ve found it to be very easy to customize. Also, being able to make updates to the site without having to edit the HTML files is nice. In the past I’ve made custom content management systems for some of my clients but after discovering the power of WordPress realized that they would have probably just been happier with WordPress!

So now I’m using it! Check out the site, and see some of the things it can do. If you like it you may want to consider purchasing a site. The chompBasic and chompPlus web packages now give you a WordPress site, so check out the new services page if you’re interested!