Monthly Archives: August 2010


I've been meaning to do this for quite some time and have finally started to add this to DreamSphere.

No game using a RPG like system would be complete without status effects! The freeze effect is shown here, the first one to be implement thus far. These blob guys have a 40% resistance since their element is ice(and the blue ones are fire… yep it's backwards). This makes them pretty hard to freeze but not impossible.

I should also note that Maleia can be frozen too though that hasn't been implemented. In the final game most of the enemies will be casting spells as well. So you'll have to deal with the status effects just like your enemies.

I've started school up again, which probably means less time to devote to my game. We shall see shan't we?

Minecraft Addictions

I haven't been working on DreamSphere. D:

Too busy playing Minecraft. It's a very dangerous game because it looks very innocent at first, like a game that you might try out for like 10 minutes and get bored of. That is not the case! I know a game is fun when I am completely oblivious of time passing while I'm playing it.

If has a very retro look to say the least. You definitely have to get over the blocky graphics but it's not hard to do. The randomly generated environments are still pretty breath taking at times, even if they are a bunch of rather large cubes stuck together with different highly pixelated textures on them.

The multiplayer is still in it's earliest stages but it's still a ton of fun to check out what the other players are building and then go off and build you our stuff, or even team up with someone to build something truly awesome. At $13 USD(10 Euros) this game is a good buy if you've got a ton of free time!

Oh and I'm not the only one to succumb to Minecraft's charm. The TF2 Development team has also fallen prey(and I'm sure tons of others) so uh…don't expect any updates for any of your favorite games anytime soon.

I should note though that the game is still in Alpha and is still quite buggy, especially in multiplayer. Hasn't stopped me from enjoying it but a lot of things still aren't available yet.