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Perceiving that Yellow Area

Wanted to show off the peception ability…


It shows two things the element the enemy is most resistant too and the HP of the enemy. In most cases the opposing element would be its weakness. Definately not going to be a required ability but most players will probably wants to throw it on when encountering a new type of enemy.

One more thing about abilities… I have decided that you will be able to equip more then one ability but not initially. You’ll either have to gain more ability equips by leveling or by finding them in the game world…or perhaps both.

Finally notice the yellow in the mental bar. It’s an idea I sort of stole from Monster Hunter. Originally I was just going to have mental restore by itself over time but I decided that only mental used to cast spells could be recovered. The yellow area indicates the amount of mental that can be recovered.

Later phools!

Update: Spelled perceiving wrong in the title! D:

DreamSphere Gameplay Video!

To celebrate the 100th subversion revision(100 since I started using subversion) I am releasing a game play video of DreamSphere! Please provide feedback!


Update: Added video player.

A Series of Cutscenes

I have been working more of improving my cut scene system so I thought I'd show off a few screenshots.

A recreation of a cut scene from Demo 1 though the dialog has been changed up a bit.

The first Cyclob(one eyed blobs, yep nice name) encounter.

First tutorial cut scene demonstrating Maleia's ledge grab ability.

Second tutorial cut scene demonstrating the wall jump. These are both abilities they weren't present in the first demo.

So essentially I designed this cut scene system to be easy to use. The idea is that there will be a time when all there is left to do is make levels and cut scenes and when that time comes it will be a very easy and straight forward process.

Finally… if anyone noticed the text boxes in each picture is in a slightly different spot that's something I just noticed too! *goes to fix*

Cooping with a Lost

You guys are just going to have to learn to accept it…

That's right she's dead!! And mister innocent looking blob killed her! :(

Hey so yeah…you can die now in DreamSphere! Best be careful.

That's not all though! The game now has sound thanks to Pygame. I reused the music from the first Demo since it was mostly awesome. A friend of mine actually game into the room while I was testing the game the other day and heard the music and said “Hey that sounds like Final Fantasy VII!” Ha he was wrong of course but if my dad's music is sounding like another game with great music in it then we're doing something right here!

Speaking of Demos… I am really really hoping to have Demo #2 ready soon. It's been a year and a half since the first one so I know you are all dying to see it.(Really? lol…)

The demo will be released in the form of a P3D file which will require the Panda3D runtime to play. It's simple to get just go to [url][/url] and download it! Once you get your hands on my P3D file you'll just merely have to double click it to boot the game up!

Patience my (probably not so) dedicated blog readers!

Floating Above the World!

Ok I think I'll make this short and sweet for once, just showing off a few pictures from recent developments.

First, that rendering I did a few weeks ago is now a playable level…

If you expected it to look just like the render then your expectation of my skills is a bit too high! Regardless it looks very nice in my opinion and I think most players will like it!

Second, I've been working on the abilities system. As I may have stated already you'll find abilities you can equip throughout the game that give you nice little random perks.

Here is what the menu is to look like. And if you wondering what Levitate looks like…

Works just like the hover boots in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! You can hover for a small amount of time before falling. It only works when walking off of a ledge, not when jumping up.

Also the other ability in the abilities menu at the moment is called 'Perception' and it will allow you to see the health of all the enemies. I imagine it'll place a health bar above the enemy's heads with a icon representing its elemental weakness next to it.

The menu is coming along nicely…still have plenty more work to do though!