Monthly Archives: March 2010


I've made some improvements to the Fire, it now cast a redish light on objects and flickers out as the fireball fades away. I am quite pleased with it!

And what's this?! It's our bloby friend back from the first Demo. We're working on some preliminarily enemy AI functions. You can see the blob in it's “ambush” state bellow, complete with a little rock particle effect, it needs some work but definitely gets the popping up from the ground thing across.

So just like the first demo the blob pops up from the ground to ambush. One thing I am having it do now is when you get so far as to have it stop chasing you it reverts to it's idle state, which for this guy is hiding underground waiting to ambush! In the first demo they'd crawl out of the ground and just wander from there, but here they get ready to surprise you again in a new location! Well…the spot it gave up pursuit at anyways.

Oh and finally, I almost forgot, we have the beginning of the HUD. With a mental, experience, and level indicator. It's subject to change but I am rather pleased with this one.

I hope to get a playable demo out by the summer I want to at least provide as much content as the first demo which would be something like a couple of rooms and a boss fight, and hopefully a new spell to play around with.

Playing with Fire!

Who doesn't like fire?!

That's right we've got Maleia's little fireball spell implemented now, one of many spells you'll be able to choose from! This time it arcs and once it hits the ground it sticks around for a few seconds hurting any enemy that passes through it.

These screenshots don't really show it, but the fire is actually a particle system and it's quite animated, no static fireball like from the Gamemaker demo.

Fancy Smancy

We got textures, lighting, and a nice blurring effect in the game now! Things are progressing quite nicely. Boy do I love spring break!

Also I'd like to talk for a second about some of stuff that will be in this game. First off, I have decided, Maliea will not be the only playable character. I tend to like to do this with my stories, have both a heroine and a hero. So the mysterious letter writer that some of you may remember from the first playable demo will be a character! This character is a prince from a time well before Maliea's, he will focus on weapon combat whereas Maliea focus's on magic.

Second, the game will have somewhat of an MMO like skill system, with new skill points gained by both leveling and up finding them across the massive world. Maliea can unlock more powerful versions of different elemental spells, whereas the prince(not named yet) can unlock new weapon techniques that are based on the elements.

So that's what's up at the moment. Stay tuned for more status updates!

Hanging Out

So we now have basic platform movement in Shadow of A Dream. Very basic, but I am pretty satisfied with the results so far. Nothing is textured yet, I actually kind of like the plain vertex colored look for this but I do think I want to use some basic textures on the backdrop stuff, some gradient mesh stuff from Adobe Illustrator perhaps. Things in the foreground will probably just be vertex painted to give that simplistic 2D vector look.

Check it out! Platform grabbing, for those platforms you can only barely reach! As you can see it's not perfect, this platform is going right through her, very painful I should say! D:

And um…HEY check it out another sexual innuendo. Yeah I caught it this time, but you know what? It's pretty funny!

I just checked out a game on Xbox Live Arcade called Shadow Complex, great game! I feel it has a lot of what I want this game to be. Things like an expansive world, hidden goodies, and a pretty basic experience point and leveling system.