Monthly Archives: February 2010

This is a Triumph!

Huge success! Animation in Blender! Using the Chicken plugin for Blender it's easy as pie to bring that Animation into Panda 3D. So now we can do away with 2D sprites in the foreground and go fully 3D!

Check it out, she's ducking! I don't have any suit that can record my animation, so I'm not expecting anything perfect here, but I'd say that pose is rather convincing. So yeah good stuff.

UPDATE: So…according to a friend, this so called ducking position is a known sex position. I didn't know HONEST!!! I swear it seems perfectly innocent to me, you people and your minds being in the gutter and whatnot.

Getting S**t Done!

Though I have been busy lately I have been steadily working on Shadow of a Dream. I knew the first order of business was to make a slightly more attractive Heroine… so here is my first draft…

I abandoned any attempt to make a realistic character to go with a more cartoon style. I think it has worked much better for me! I know it still needs some work, especially in the head area, and she doesn't actually have hands yet! I'd love to hear some comments on this one!

In other news, I've acquired a job with a web company. I don't know yet if it's going to work out completely but things seem very promising. I am excited to finally get paid a salary to do my work! Rest assured however, my true ambition is to make awesome video games! I won't be abandoning that.