Monthly Archives: July 2009


I've begun working on a small game to test out a new game engine I discovered called Panda3D. It's a free game engine that uses Python. It's be quite easy to learn and quite powerful, certainly appears to meet all my needs!

Here is a screenshot from my in progress game simply to be known as ChompRocket!

The game is simple, the Chompy is flying through space, we don't know why, and needs to collect stars or he'll run out of fuel. Running out of fuel means game over. There are falling cubes that push Chompy down and deplete some fuel.

Nothing terribly exciting I admit, but it certainly let me test this engine out. I will release the game in the next few days and it'll be available for Windows, Linux, and Mac, yahoo!!

On another note this game was created with free software only! That's right, Gimp and Inkscape, as well as the Panda 3D engine itself.