Monthly Archives: June 2009

Working with Python!

Lately I've been searching for the best engine to use to make my video games in! I tried Game Maker for Shadow of a Dream and loved how easy it was to work with. My main beef with Game Maker was lack of cross platform support. I really want to be able to release my games on as many different OS's as possible and python offers that support. Unfortunately python isn't at all as easy as Game Maker but I am learning and it's fun!

I made a 3D clock with a 2D image overlaying it…


Why did I do that you ask? Well that's exactly what I'd need for Shadow of a Dream, 2D graphics against a 3D backdrop, and that proves I can do it with Python!

June News

Prices for services on Chompy Creations have gone up however a pay by the hour option is now available to web site clients which is only $20/hr. It's up to the client to decide which method would be cheaper, granted you'll get a estimate on how much time it'll take.

In other news I am forming a team of people interested in making video games, we are meeting at Tallahassee Community College. We'll meet once a week and will be working on making a commercial quality video game. One of the instructors, Carlos Miranda, has let us use his classroom as a meeting place. Anyone who lives close enough is welcome to come! Contact me for details.