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Shadow of a Dream Demo 1

Thought I'd start this blog off with news of the Shadow of a Dream demo!

I started making this game for a class I was taking, video game development at Tallahassee Community College. It was a neat class and it certainly gave me some motivation to sit down and start working on a video game. I was fortunate however to be taking a class on 3D animation right at the same time. I learned how to make a human character and make it move which I used for this game.

The game's music was made partially by my dad and partially from stuff I found at Free Sound Project. The music turned out really nice…considering it was put together in a Sunday afternoon.

Here are a few shots from the game…

SoD Screenshot 1

The game opens to a shot of mountains and snow falling with a little blurb about dreams.

SoD Screenshot 2

The first enemy you run into a blobey looking creature, all you gotta do to defeat them is shoot a few fireball at them!

SoD Screenshot 3

Big nasty boss! Watch out for it's green cutter attack…don't really have a name for it heh.

SoD Screenshot 5

And of course in order to defeat the boss you have to shoot cannonballs at it, how else would you defeat a boss such as this?!

If you dying to play this game after seeing these images you can download the demo here!

Shadow of a Dream Demo 1 (~18MB)